Universal Animal Flex 44 pack



The Animal Flex complex is specifically designed to strengthen your joints and ligaments and keep them healthy. Animal Flex protects your joints and ligaments during training overloads. One of the key success factors in sports, bodybuilding is consistent training (every other day, every day, etc.). The build-up of wear and tear over weeks, months and years with each workout can lead to very serious consequences for the condition of the joints and ligaments. Joints, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues – all this can be called the "foundation" of your body, which supports the muscles and the state of which greatly affects the effectiveness of training. The more you train, the more stress your "foundation" experiences. And when the foundation collapses, the house also collapses. The quality, intensity, and intensity of your workouts are drastically reduced, which means that performance, progress, and performance are also declining. Animal Flex is designed to help strengthen your foundation, your joints. Each serving (package


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