BioTech USA One a Day 100 tabs



BioTech USA One-A-Day: 12 vitamins and 11 minerals in each tablet, For athletes and people leading an active lifestyle, For men and women of all ages, Optimally selected ingredients, For general strengthening of the body, To maintain high performance, To maintain immune systems. What is the use of vitamin-mineral complexes? The inclusion of vitamin-mineral complexes in the nutrition plan is sometimes not only expedient, but vital. Athletes and people involved in heavy physical labor especially need them. With increased loads, a lot of energy is spent on the functioning of the body. Not to mention the fact that valuable minerals and electrolytes are excreted with sweat. It is important to make up for their losses so that the body comes prepared for the next workout or load. Otherwise, the effectiveness of not only the current training session will fall, but previous sports achievements will go down the drain. A timely influx of vitamins and minerals contributes to optimal muscle function and their effective recovery.


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