CanadaPeptides IGF-1 LR-3 1 mg



Time flies, everything develops, this also applies to new developments and discoveries, as early as 1945, growth hormone, a peptide hormone (of protein origin), was isolated from the bovine pituitary gland, and in the last decade of the 20th century it has gained particular popularity among professional athletes because. the compound is difficult to detect in doping controls and for hobbyists as the product has become more affordable in the market at a price to the consumer.

In the mid-90s, through genetic engineering, growth hormone became more available, because it was produced in large volumes, and many people were able to use HGH to improve athletic performance.

Research did not stop, and later found that the tissue action of Growth Hormone is mediated by a secondary substance. Already in the 50s, it was possible to isolate this substance. It received the name sulfation factor, or plasma growth factor.

In 1978, scientists managed to separate this substance into two fractions. Substances present in their pure form


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