Zhengzhou Turinabol 10 mg 100 tabs (jar)


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Oralturinabol is an oral steroid that was developed in the early 60s of the last century by the East German company Jenafarm and appeared on the market of the then GDR. It must be said that the drug was the number 1 doping agent in the GDR, it occupied the same place in the training of GDR athletes as methandrostenolone in the training of Soviet athletes.
Oralturinabol can be considered the most studied anabolic steroid drug – almost 10 thousand East German athletes were subjected to research. Unfortunately, the drug was discontinued quite a long time ago, but now it is being revived again.

The main field of application of oralturinabol was athletics, the drug was also used by swimmers. In male bodybuilding, this steroid at one time was not particularly widely used and was used only at the stage of pre-competitive preparation, especially if the competition was supposed to have a fairly strict doping control. Now everything has changed – Oralturinabol is on the US market in


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