Vermodje Primover 100 mg/ml 10 ml



Primover is an injectable steroid manufactured by Vermodje at a concentration of 100 mg per ml. The active ingredient is metelonone enanthate. Its main advantage is that it is not subject to aromatization. Water retention during the course is very small, but still before the competition three weeks Primover (vermodje) should be canceled.
You should not expect a huge increase during the course. Primover (Vermodje) is a fairly mild drug. A huge plus is that almost everything that you scored during the course remains. The main advantage of primover is that it preserves your muscles during the most exhausting drying. Primover is not converted to estrogens, so the risk of developing gynecomastia is zero.
Primover moderately suppresses the level of its own testosterone and only with long courses and high dosages. The drug does not cause a rise in pressure and does not raise the rise of harmful cholesterol.
Dosages: For entry-level athletes 400mg once a week
girls: 50 – 100 mg per week.


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