MEDICARE syringe 2 ml (2 needles)



Single use injection syringe, three-component with MEDICARE needle

2 needles included. Size: 1 needle=0.6mm*32mm, 2 needle=0.55*25mm,

They are used in all areas of medicine for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous and other injections. Syringes are characterized by a smooth and soft piston stroke, so they are preferred in those branches of medicine where slow, precisely dosed intravenous administration of drugs is necessary.

Specifications of the syringe:

  • Three-component syringe, consists of three parts: a cylinder, a rubber piston and a plunger (piston pusher),
  • Includes needle with diamond triangular sharpening,
  • Transparent cylinder with a clear and abrasion-resistant scale,
  • Piston with plunger is made of synthetic material that does not cause allergic reactions,
  • The needle is made of chromium-nickel steel,
  • retaining ring,
  • Connection of a syringe with a needle: Luer slip (Luer slip) and Luer lock (Luer lock),
  • Does not contain latex
  • Sterile non-pyrogenic, non-toxic,
  • For single use,
  • Individual packing.


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