Medicare Alcohol swab 1 pc



Alcohol wipes Medicare 6.5x3cm

Intended for external topical use as an antiseptic, for skin treatment, hand disinfection, preparation of the surgical field and puncture sites (punctures, injections) or other surfaces that require disinfection.

Made from spunlace non-woven fabric,
Dimensions 30×65 mm,
impregnated with 70% alcohol solution,
Sterile period – 5 years,
Packed in an individual paper-foil bag.

  • Pack of 100 pcs.
  • Dimensions:

    • 30×65 mm.

    Instructions for use:

  • Take out the paper-foil bag.
  • Open and take out the napkin.
  • Treat your hands, the desired area of ​​u200bu200bthe skin, or other surface that requires disinfection.
  • After use, dispose of the product in accordance with established regulations.
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