GNC Papaya Enzyme 90 tabs



GNC Papaya Enzyme 90 Tablets Papaya tablets are made from whole, unripe, dried fruits. The release form in the form of chewable lozenges allows you to implement their action starting from the oral cavity throughout the digestive canal. With their regular intake, the absorption of food (vitamins and essential nutrients) improves, and the load on the digestive organs also decreases. Papaya Enzymes help produce energy and remove substances that the body does not need. Functional action of Papaya Enzymes: • Promote proper digestion. Complement the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes that help in the breakdown of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, starch, milk sugar and fiber. Thus, they eliminate increased gas formation, bloating, stomach irritation. • Papaya Enzymes, compensating for the lack of enzymes, provide rest for the pancreas and allow it to recover. • Provide maximum and complete absorption of nutrients by tissues for their construction, accelerate the oxidation


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