GD Boldoged 200 mg/ml 1 ml


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It's strange, the drug, without which the life of the overseas "pro", in fact, is unthinkable, for a long time bypassed our market far away. No, what is "boldenone" and "with what it is eaten" certainly knew, but only in theory. As for the practical application of this, from many points of view, unique drug, there was no need to talk about it – the sporadic deliveries of Colombian Ganabol to us, not to mention its even more outlandish Australian or Mexican counterparts, did not allow creating the necessary base.

Boldenone undecylenate

Boldenone was created only – exclusively – for use in animal husbandry. Due to its characteristics, which we will discuss below, it is an almost ideal anabolic steroid drug for any animal, from cows to dogs, despite significant differences in their metabolism. Due to these same features, boldenone has proven itself very well in strength sports, despite the fact, I emphasize again, that it was created for the use


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