BD Trenabol 100mg/ml 10ml


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Trenbolone is a highly androgenic anabolic steroid with no estrogenic side effects. The first drug released with this active ingredient was Finaject, from the company Hoechst & Roussel, packaged in a 50 ml vial, with a concentration of 30 mg of trenbolone acetate. This steroid immediately took the lead in performing bodybuilders, as it gave strong, powerful, dry muscles, without water retention and the risk of gynecomastia. In 1988, this company discontinued its production, but in the meantime it appeared in the US as a pellet for subcutaneous use in cattle under the name Finaplix, and later in Mexico as an injectable trenbol75. In its structure, trenbolone is a relative of nandrolone. Beyond the two additional double bonds, at the c-9 and c-11 positions, its properties change significantly. It becomes very androgenic, and does not aromatize at all, unlike the parent nandrolone, which aromatizes to estradiol. This steroid is very useful for those athletes who have problems with fat accumulation. Trenbolo


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