BD Testabol Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml



Testosterone Propionate is the third injectable testosterone ester after Cypionate and Enanthate, which requires a detailed description. In some cases, TP has qualities that are not inherent in Enanthate, Cypionate and Undecanoate. Its main difference is that, unlike the long-acting testosterone esters described above, Testosterone Propionate has a significantly shorter duration of action – only 1-2 days. Dirk Klaesing and Manfred Donike write in their book Doping – Illegal Drugs in Sports, “When administered intramuscularly with testosterone esters, the duration of their effect on the body depends on the type of ester: an increased level of testosterone at a dose of 250 mg Enanthate intramuscularly is observed for 1-2 weeks , and 50 mg of Propionate – only 1-2 days. Based on its androgenic effect, Testosterone Propionate, like Enanthate and Cypionate, is great for building mass and strength. And yet, taking Propionate, the athlete gets significantly less water retention. Because testos


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