Balkan Enandrol 250 mg/ml 1 ampoule



Testosterone enanthate
"Testosterone enanthate is an ester of natural testosterone. It is responsible for the normal development of male sexual characteristics. In the absence of testosterone production, almost complete alignment of functional, anabolic and mental functions is possible" (from the instructions for use of the Ienapharm drug "Testosteron-Depot").

These lines clearly show what an important and active hormone testosterone is. Testosterone enanthate is one of the many active chemicals in testosterone.

In a man, it is produced normally with androgen-deficient hypogonadism (1) and anemia (2). Surprisingly, testosterone enanthate finds use in general medicine for women and children. In boys and adolescents, it is used in growth therapy, and (Instructions for use, Testosterone-Depot, Enafarm) in women, the drug is used as an "additional treatment for certain forms of breast tumors in the postmenstrual cycle." (Instruction for applied


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